Jaswant Expulsion: Is Advani evading controversy?

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Bangalore, Sep 22: LK Advani on Monday, Sep 21 claimed that he was against the party's decision to expel Jaswant Singh. However, his latest claim that stands in contrast with the party's continual assertion that LK Advani was in agreement with the party's decision on sacking Jaswant Singh raises a lot of questions.

In a news agency report, Advani was quoted as saying, "These reports are correct that I was not in agreement with the decision to expel Jaswant Singh." He refused to comment further in a bid to avoid 'any further controversy'.

The party took the decision to sack Jaswant Singh over his controversial book on Jinnah on Aug 19 in Shimla during the Chintan Baitak. LK Advani who was present in at meet is also learnt to have given consent to the decision.

With this new claim, Mr Advani is seemingly trying to run from the controversy that refuses to die down.

If what he claims now is true, being one of the senior most leader of the party, Advani could have asserted his stance against the expulsion of Singh.

The media, which also reflected the public view at large, chose to condemn the party's move on firing a leader over a book. The media constantly pointed out that with such a move, the party disrespected the freedom of expression and took Jaswant Singh onboard to let him have his say on the issue.

Now, aware of the country's apparent disagreement over the issue, is Advaniji trying to evade the negative light by saying that he was never a part of the decision?

Either way, LK Advani's actions come to fail him as a leader.

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