Di airbrushed from British royal history?

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Washington, September 17 (ANI): Late Princess Diana has apparently become a forgotten member of the British Royal family, as the official biography of the Queen Mother comprises just two pages on the beauty with insufficient facts.

Critics have slammed the book written by William Shawcross for not exploring The Queen mother's views on the princess' death in a car crash in 1997.

The royal matriarch, who died in 2002 aged 101, was apparently close to Diana and spoke daily to the Queen and other senior royals during the family's decade of despair and scandals in the 1990s, reports The Daily Express.

Suggestions have come that moments in history that could have been embarrassing to Prince Charles have been ignored.

Royal author Margaret Holder said: "It's all just been swept away. They will probably justify it on the grounds that they are trying to protect the feelings of the young Princes, William and Harry, who are not so young now, they are grown men. But really it's to protect Charles and the others."

The biography tells that in 1993 Princess Margaret had destroyed letters Diana had written to the elderly royal because they were "too private".

Shawcross briefly refers to Diana's death, he writes: "In the early hours of Sunday morning, 31 August, the Queen wrote her mother a note to be given when she awoke, telling her of the tragedy."

On another occasion he mentions the Queen Mother meeting her friends after Diana's funeral but speaking very little about the service. (ANI)

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