US, allies must create 'coalition of the relevant' groups: UK think tank

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London, Sep.16 (ANI): A leading British think-tank has said there is an important need for the US and its western allies to create a coalition of a group of countries to work closely on issues facing the world.

The London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), in its latest survey, said US must create a 'coalitions of the relevant'.

"The US and its western allies needed to create 'coalitions of the relevant' groups of countries with vested interests working jointly on issues in a way that cuts across traditional alliances without isolating them," said John Chipman, the IISS Director General.

Chipman also highlighted that Barack Obama's election and the weakening economic power and authority of the US are forcing Washington to seek regional alliances to cope with world crises.

"The Obama administration has recognised this in Afghanistan, where it said Pakistan was the key," The Guardian quoted Chipman, as saying.

The IISS's reports said America should look to engage regional powers elsewhere, including the Middle East, to focus on the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea.

"Building 'coalitions of the relevant' would involve states neighbouring Iran who would lose out if Iran had nuclear weapons. It would make sense to involve key Arab states in the engagement with Iran," Chipman said.

The report also highlighted that Asian powers like China and India would certainly be reluctant to intervene in their place. (ANI)

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