Blood clots in women taking the Pill 'rare'

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London, August 14 (ANI): The Family Planning Association has claimed that British women are not routinely using the safest brand of the Pill, after two studies found that the risk of blood clots in females using oral contraceptives overall is small.

Two separate studies in the British Medical Journal discovered that some pills were associated with a higher risk of blood clot than others.

The first study, headed by Dutch researchers, observed that overall taking the pill was linked with a five-fold increased risk of venous thrombosis, a blood clot that forms in a vein, reports the BBC.

But after closer analysis, it was found that blood clots were a rare side-effect of the combined pill, no matter which brand is used.

The second study, by Danish experts, also found that contraceptives containing levonorgestrel were linked with a lower risk.

Dr Nick Dunn, a GP and senior lecturer at the University of Southampton said: "What this says is we should stick to prescribing the well-trusted favourites but the chance of having a blood clot when on the pill are very low anyway."

Lynn Hearton, from the Family Planning Association (FPA), said: "Although the combined pill does slightly increase the risk of thrombosis, the risk is still really low.

"If any women are worried about the pill they should not stop using it. They should continue taking it and seek advice from a health professional." (ANI)

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