Archaeologists discover over 7,500 fragments of ancient frescos in Bulgaria

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Sofia (Bulgaria), August 14 (ANI): A team of archaeologists has discovered over 7,500 fragments of frescos during excavations in the church of the monastery complex in the Karaach Tepe area near the town of Varna in north-western Bulgaria.

According to a report in Balkan Travellers, in addition to the fresco fragments, the archaeologists discovered parts of saints' clothes and letters with their names, national media reported today.

A bronze cross, used as a pendant, was also among the unearthed artifacts.

The monastery in Karaach Tepe, first discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century by the Czech-Bulgarian archaeologist Karel Skorpil, is among the Balkans' biggest monastery complexes.

Archaeological excavations of the site have been going on over the past 14 years.

Experts claim the monastery has a unique layout and size, unseen in neither the Bulgarian nor the Byzantine building traditions.

The complex is thought to date to the end of the ninth and beginning of the tenth centuries and to have been inhabited until the eighteenth century.

Its building was likely commissioned by Knyaz Boris I, also known as Boris-Mihail, who ruled Bulgaria between 852 and 889. (ANI)

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