Alsatian Gunther is world's wealthiest pet!

Posted By: Staff
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London, Aug 9: Meet the world's wealthiest pet, Alsatian Gunther the dog, who has a staggering 224 million pounds and a Miami mansion for a kennel.

He has topped the 2009 Pet Rich List, based on a survey conducted by insurance giant Pet plan.

The survey has revealed that Gunther wolfs down dinners of caviar, steak and truffles served by a butler and army of servants.

He is said to have inherited a fortune from his father, who was left ruffly 43 million pounds by his German countess owner in 1992.

Gunther is way ahead of Kalu the South African rescue chimp, who was found to be at number two position on the list.

According to the News of the World, Kalu presently sits on 53 million pounds, a legacy from devoted owner Patricia O'Neill.

In Britain, Gigoo the hen is left scratching around at No. 4 on a poultry worth 10 million pounds. At No. 20, Silverstone the tortoise is slowly nibbling his way through 1,00,000 pounds left by English bookshop queen Christina Foyle.


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