Tired of mindless violence, Manipuris seek peace

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Imphal, Aug.4 (ANI): People in Manipur are seeking an end to militant violence which has affected their everyday life. They want peace so that they can lead a normal life without fear.

"We are facing many problems. We are even scared of sending our children to schools or anywhere outside the house. We face an uncertain future. Our future is not in our hands," said Koisam Jeema, a local resident.

In a recent instance, militants attacked the residence of Laishram Modhumangol Singh, a retired field assistant at Moirangkhom Sougaijam Leirak in Imphal.

Residents have denounced the militant act and appealed for an end to violence.

"Why are they throwing bombs? People are likely to be hurt and can also lose their lives because of such blasts. Just because they have access to guns and bombs, it doesn't mean that they can use them anytime anywhere according to their whim and fancy. We hope such incidents won't happen again. We want the concerned authorities to look into the matter," said Choabi, a local resident.

Meanwhile women of Uripok Khoisnam Leikai also staged a sit-in protest against another bomb attack at the residence of a businessman K. Nilo Singh in Imphal.

"Whenever someone in a family goes out of the house, we are worried about the safety of that person. We don't feel safe even inside the house anymore because of these bomb-throwing incidents, " said R.K. Narmada, another local resident.

"We are just asking the militants to let us live peacefully . We can sort out any misunderstanding in a mature way. But sadly, the militants don't realize this," said Ibeni, a resident.

Peace and normalcy have been affected by militant activities in Manipur.

People are tired of violence and are raising their voice against all activities that prevent them from leading a normal and peaceful life. (ANI)

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