Pakistan Radio keen on propaganda 'victories', not solution of problems

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Abohar, July 28 (ANI): India has time and again stated that Pakistan should stop allow its territory to be used by terrorists against India, before any serious dialogue could commence.

Radio Pakistan seems to be worried that forces in Pakistan would continue their terrorist acts, and the possibility of an India-Pakistan dialogue would recede.

The broadcasters of Radio Pakistan in their Punjabi Durbar programme have been blaming India for the delay in the holding a dialogue. They want India to discuss issues like Kashmir with the Pakistanis.

India, on the other hand, has made it clear that Kashmir is an integral part of India. It has also been pointed out that instances like the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks killed so many Indian nationals including foreigners.

"India has never interfered in Pakistan's internal issues. Pakistan wants to show to the world that it is taking steps to resolve its problems with India. But no concrete action has been taken. India has given all the proofs concerning the Mumbai terror attacks but Pakistan has not as yet accepted it. On one hand they want cooperation from us and, on the other side, they are planning attacks on India. They will have to stop doing all this, said political analyst Vimal Thathai.

"People from Pakistan want to come to India and Indians want to go to Pakistan. But they are not able to do so because of the terrorists. Pakistan never implements what it says. Pakistan has to be sincere in its efforts to stop acts of terrorism originating from its soil," said Thathai.

Time and again India has exposed the notorious role being played by Pakistan in the name of 'Jehad', still Pakistan sees no need to stop terrorism originating from its soil.

Most recently, the India-Pak joint statement released in Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt revealed India's sincerity to discuss any issue with Pakistan. This was projected by the Pakistani PM as his 'Diplomatic Victory'. Unfortunately, Pakistan is concentrating on propaganda 'victories' and not real solutions to problems. (ANI)

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