Soon, a coffee table book that brings the moon to your room

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London, July 27 (ANI): Always wanted to walk on the moon as an astronaut? Well, now a new coffee-table book gives you the chance to bring the moon to your home, but at a sky-high price.

Titled 'Moonfire', the book is being touted as one of the most expensive publications in the world.t details the Apollo 11 lunar mission, and allows its owners not only to read about the Moon but also to touch it, as 12 copies of the tome will include a slice of a meteorite that hurtled from the Moon to Earth. Without the souvenir, the book costs 1,000 dollars per copy, and with it, the price literally touches the moon.

"It will be thousands, hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Kind of like a diamond," Times Online quoted Creed Poulson, the public relations manager at Taschen America, as saying.

Released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing, the book narrates the event through the words of one of the most influential writers of the time - Norman Mailer.

And the tome will be Mailer's first posthumously published book.

It is illustrated with previously unseen copies of his handwritten notes and manuscripts, alongside photographs from Nasa, Life and private collections.

Every copy of the book bears the signature of Buzz Aldrin, and has a framed print of the iconic photograph of him standing on the Moon with Neil Armstrong reflected in his visor.

There are only 1,969 existing copies of Moonfire, the first 1,957 of which are for sale online.

But, for the final 12, Taschen is compiling a waiting list pending professional valuations for the lunar meteorite samples that will accompany them. (ANI)

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