Delhi airport one of the world's worst to sleep in

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Melbourne, Jul 20: According to a survey, Delhi and Mumbai airports have been identified among the world's worst airports for passengers to sleep.

The poll by website, asked travellers to review the best and worst airports around the world for travellers needing some shut-eye.

While Paris's Charles de Gualle was voted the worst airport to sleep in, the Indian capital's airport has also made it to the list of the world's top 10 worst airports to sleep in.he website has received more than 6200 reviews, and was created by frequent traveller Donna McSherry, a former travel agent from Canada.

The second worst airport for travellers to catch a sleep is Sheremetyevo Airport, Russia, which has been dubbed "hell on earth" by a passenger.

Third in the list is John F. Kennedy Airport, New York City, which got thumbs down from passengers for being overcrowded, dirty, and uncomfortable.

Los Angeles Airport has been named the fourth worst airport for dozing off for its dirty bathrooms, metal benches, cold and frequent and loud announcements.

Delhi airport in India grabbed the fifth spot, and has been described as being full of mosquitoes and birds, filthy, crowded, has poor signage and frequent announcements that increase at night.

"Had to change in the toilet which made the one in Trainspotting look like the Ritz," quoted Moray as saying.

"It was dirty, with all pervasive smell of sweet over powering phenyl which they use for disinfecting. The departure lounge has this odour mixed with that of cigarettes," said another traveller Amit Mathur.

Mumbai airport has also made to the eighth spot in the list for its lack of food and shops open at night.

Travellers also get turned off the airport in India's financial capital because of its 'beyond disgusting' toilets, and poor air-conditioning.

  1. Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris
  2. Sheremetyevo Airport, Russia
  3. JFK Airport, New York City
  4. Los Angeles Airport
  5. Delhi Airport
  6. O'Hare airport, Chicago
  7. Mumbai Airport
  8. Manila Airport
  9. Rome Airport, Fiumicino
  10. Heathrow Airport, London


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