US airline says no sexy uniform for fat cabin crew

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Melbourne, Jul 16: The controversies in the world's aviation industry just doesn't seem to stop. After the Air New Zealand's Nothing to Hide ad featuring naked cabin crew reading the safety instructions, a U.S. airline is now in trouble for saying no to fat flight attendants wearing eye-catching red uniforms.

The union that represents flight attendants, who worked for Northwest Airlines before Delta Air Lines bought it, is protesting over Delta's uniform policy of not providing its signature red dresses to women over a size 18.

The Association of Flight Attendants at Northwest (NWA AFA) is fuming and says that Delta clearly doesn't want to draw attention to its larger employees.

"Red is a colour that attracts attention and someone, somewhere has made a decision that they don't want to attract attention to someone in a dress that's larger than a size 18. I'm very offended by it," quoted Patricia Reller, Vice Chairwoman of the NWA AFA grievance committee, as telling the Atlanta Metro News.

"There are fuller-figured women who would like to wear the red dress," Reller added.

Delta spokeswoman Gina Laughlin defended the policy and the dispute is headed for mediation.

"It's a variety to fit a very diverse group of preferences and sizes, and to continue presenting a uniform collection that is both stylish and very functional," Laughlin said.

Delta acquired Northwest last year and flight attendants and other staff started wearing Delta's uniforms around three months ago.

The red dresses are not the only uniform options for Delta's flight attendants, there are blue pantsuits available in larger sizes.


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