China will strike India by 2012: Defence Expert

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New Delhi, Jul 13: A very interesting theory developed by a defense expert states that China will attack India by 2012. And that this will be an attempt to divert the country's citizens' attention from the 'unprecedented' internal turmoil and financial issues that is growing into a threatening situation for the Communists.

"China will launch an attack on India before 2012. There are multiple reasons for a desperate Beijing to teach India the final lesson, thereby ensuring Chinese supremacy in Asia in this century," claims Bharat Verma, Editor of the Indian Defence Review.

Apart from the financial troubles such as unemployment, flight of capital worth billions of dollars, depletion of its foreign exchange reserves and growing internal dissent brought in by recession; the increasing 'irrelevance of Pakistan' that operates against India has the Communists nervous.

"Above all, it is worried over the growing alliance of India with the US and the West, because the alliance has the potential to create a technologically superior counterpoise," Verma says.

And according to him, China will choose to wage a war against 'pacifist India to achieve multiple strategic objectives' by 2012.

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