Roller-skating catches the fancy of Kolkata kids

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Kolkata, June 29 (ANI): Roller-skating is rapidly catching the fancy of youngsters in Kolkata.

With the Roller Skating Club now has 500 registered members. It was started up in 2001.

"It is absolutely an aerobic sport. So, because it is an aerobic sport, it helps you in endurance and stamina. Secondly you are dealing mostly with your leg. So, for that all the leg muscles get benefited. The body gets toned and total physical fitness of your body comes up," said Akash Mondal, the founder of the Roller Skating Club.

The basic level of the training includes confidence building, balance, walking, falling and recovering, E brakes and cross over basics. While, the intermediate level includes stamina building, road skating, hand synchronization and bending styles.

The basic course is taught indoors, the intermediate and advanced levels are trained outdoors. While at the advanced level the skaters go through increased road sessions, speed training, circuit training, competition training, down hill, figure skating, full camel, straight spread eagle, barrel roll and spins.

"It (skating) has lot of benefits because it is completely a body building sport. There is no need for any other kind of exercises because skating makes the body completely fit," said Lipika Biswas, an advance learner.

Skaters use different types of skates, varying from Quads which have four wheels in the four corners, In lines or blades, which have four to five wheels in one straight line. (ANI)

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