Pak shifting to more destructive nukes: Report

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Washington, May 29: Pakistan is shifting from a comparatively milder uranium-based nuclear weapon arsenal to more 'destructive and deliverable' plutonium-based nuclear weapons, a US research agency has said.

"Pakistan is likely supplementing or replacing its current uranium-based nuclear weapon arsenal with plutonium-based weapons which will be more destructive and deliverable," said Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS).

This came in response to a Washington Post report on Pakistan's nuclear programme. The report called the Pak's development of nuclear arsenal a sign of a 'more mature' programme, believed to imply that more destructive nuclear weapons somehow lead to a better nation.

"By incorrectly describing what is going on in Pakistan, these choices of words distort the debate before it even starts," ISIS said.

In an effort to divert attention from its expanding nuclear programme Pakistan dubbed it as 'modernising' the programme.

"'Modernising' a nuclear weapons programme, rather, should at most be interpreted as improving the security of existing nuclear weapons, increasing security of fissile material in storage, at military and civilian nuclear industrial sites, or in transit," ISIS said.

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