Lankan troops ready for the final assualt

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Colombo, May 16: Sri Lankan troops seized the entire coastline area for the first time with the Tamil tigers from past 25 years.The two divisions of the Sri Lankan's troops marched from the north and south covered the coast, now the tigers and their leaders are trapped in a square kilometer.

Sri Lanka's military said that it wont take more than 48 hours to free thousands of people from the Tigers.
Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said, "Now we have linked up on the coastline and the Sea Tigers' activities are no more," He also added that the troops were still closing in on the rebels and more civilians were fleeing from the battle zone.

The Tigers refused to surrender and free the civilians, whereas the government rejected the calls to stop its assaults to protect the people.
This signaled the military troops to finish the war despite the strong urgings from the UN Security Council and US President Barack Obama.

The military spokesman Nanayakkara said that military intelligence indicates, Prabhakaran and other senior Tigers are in the remaining LTTE territory.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) warned that a conventional victory would lead to a new phase of conflict. Futhur, S. Pathmanathan said, "Colombo's approach to finish the war in 48 hours through a carnage and bloodbath of civilians will never resolve a conflict of decades. On the contrary it will only escalate the crisis to unforeseen heights."

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