Taliban backs out from Buner

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Peshawar, Apr 24: Amid the increased alarm raised in Washington and Islamabad over the Taliban infiltration in the Buner district, the Taliban leader has ordered the militants to withdraw from the region.

"Our leader has ordered that Taliban should immediately be called back from Buner," said Muslim Khan, a Taliban spokesperson.

The Taliban have allegedly promised that they will leave the region by Friday evening, Apr 24.

This move came after officials in northwest Pakistan summoned for emergency talks to decide how to deal with the armed Taliban insurgency in Buner.

The Taliban militants moved into Buner from the Swat valley where a sharia deal was signed by the Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari allowing the implementation of strict Islamic law so as to end violence.

Following this hundreds of militants set up checkpoints in various places and mosques and warned the residents against indulging in 'un-islamic' activities.

Washington earlier expressed deep concern over the increasing hold of the Taliban.

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