Political parties make use of cartoons, graffiti to woo voters in Kolkata

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Kolkata, Apr 24 (ANI): Political parties are making use of cartoons and wall graffiti as an effective campaigning tool during the general elections in Kolkata.

The two main parties the Left and the Trinamool Congress party (TMC) are leaving no stones unturned to outdo each other in coming up with creative cartoons and graffiti to woo the voters.

Both the parties are making use of humour to highlight the failures of the other party in these caricatures.

Banners, posters, are plastered across the city and even walls are not spared by the parties when it comes to criticizing the opposition.

Highlighting on the exit of Tata Motor's Nano from the state after violent protests led by the Trinamool Congress in Singur, the Left has come up with an array of interesting caricatures of TMC chief Mamta Banerjee.

The TMC on the other hand has put up posters of West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee's drive for industrialization, coming as he does from a party which has caused lockouts across several industries and rendered hundreds unemployed in the state.

The artists making these cartoons say they lift ideas from the real life politics and transform them into cartoons and caricatures.

"What politicians are doing, how responsible they are towards the people, how much they are doing for the masses - all these I depict through my cartoons in a simple and easy manner for the masses. The people should understand how much work the politicians are doing. I try to expose immoral actions by the politicians," said Pradip Goswami, an artist.

These caricatures are proving to be a hit with the masses who find them quite entertaining.

"We understand the politics in the cartoons. In different places, we see the TMC or the CPI (M) wall cartoons, which look great. We can follow the political message too, what we don't find in the newspapers, we find often on the walls through cartoons," said Panchanan Haldar, a resident. By Ajitha Menon (ANI)

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