John Kerry criticises financial aid sent to FATA

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Washington, Apr 16: US Senator , John Kerry has expressed doubts regarding the competency of financial aid provided to thwart the terror activities in the tribal areas of Pakistan as he considers the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

He seems to think that the FATA is too violent and ungovernable to benefit from the financial assistance.

Kerry, who heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the security situation in the region must improve before lending the financial help to the people there.

"You have to build the police and the security capacity and then you can follow in to assist the citizens. You can't yet spend the money there. It is too dangerous there," The Dawn quoted Kerry, as saying.

Kerry pointed out that establishing peace in the region was very important as only then people would be able to stand against the extremists.

"If you can begin to bring law enforcement to the task, then the majority of people who don't want to live under those insurgents or under the Taliban will dare to stand up," he said.

This financial aid bill is known as the Kerry-Lugar bill and provides pakistan monetary aid to finance developmental activities like building schools, roads etc. However the growing militant activity has raised questions if the aid is being utilised rightly or not.

Commenting on the drone attacks he said he drone attacks were actually popular in the tribal areas just opposite to Islamabad's claims that they are proving counterproductive.

He further added, "The fact is that many people out here understand that that is making their lives safer."


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