Radio Pakistan says Sikhs in India are forcibly converted

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Abohar, April 6 (ANI): Facing criticism both internationally as also at home over the increased number of attacks against peaceful citizens, Radio Pakistan has been trying hard to project that India too is facing similar problems.

Through the recent broadcast of the Punjabi Durbar program, the programme has been heard trying to spread misinformation that Hindus are forcing members of minority communities to convert themselves in India.

Residents living in the border areas of Punjab, where Pakistan Radio has many listeners, are surprised at such allegations.

"This is a part of Pakistan's propaganda to create tension among people in India. The Hindus are neither forcing people of Muslim majority nor Sikhs to convert themselves. These allegations are being made to create tension and disturb the law and order situation. According to the Indian Constitution, every citizen has right to profess any religion. These allegations are not going to have any effect on the people here because everybody knows that this is Pakistan's propaganda to disturb peace in India " said Dr. Harbhajan Singh, a Sikh scholar.

"So far as my experiences are concerned in Punjab, people are very much concerned about each other. There is no discrimination in Punjab. I am staying in Punjab for the last sixteen years and in Abohar, for the last 13 years and I have not been forced to change my religion. Actually I am getting more support from other religions," said Jijoi, a Christian.

Broadcasters of the Radio Pakistan need to educate themselves about the provision of the Constitution of India which ensures freedom to every citizen of this country to practice his religion. The right to equality is also a fundamental right.

Perhaps the programmers are obsessed with the situation around them, where there is hostilitity among the Shias and Sunnis, the Punjabis, Baluchs and the Sindhis.(ANI)

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