Google Street View 'tracks down' ET!

Posted By: Staff
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London, Mar 25: Extra Terrestrial (ET) has finally been tracked down - in a picture taken for Google Street View.

Experts were left shocked when a misty shape, bearing a distinct similarity to the movie alien, was captured behind a bush next to a mysterious beam of light.

The spooky snap was caught by Google image cameras in the town of Berkeley Heights in New Jersey.

Web surfer Nick Sawyer, who was baffled by his amazing discovery, said: "It looks exactly like E.T. The head is oblong and it seems to have the same long neck and fat body. And there is also a beam of light right next to him.

"Who knows, that might be from a spaceship trying to make contact."

"The area is not far from an airport and UFOs have been reported to take an interest in our own aviation technology," The Daily Star quoted Nick, as saying.

Malcolm Robinson, head of Strange Phenomena Investigations, said: "The similarities with E.T. are obvious but it's hard to say what exactly it is.

"Of added interest is the strange beam of light which I cannot explain either. But because it was captured by Google it would appear that there aren't any witnesses. We'd all love it to be alien, but that's a big assumption."


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