Fat Absorb India introduces healthy weight loss programme

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New Delhi, March 24 (ANI/Business Wire India): Fat Absorb India has introduced a healthy weight loss programme which does not require dramatic changes in the lifestyle and has been endorsed by several medical practitioners across the world.

Fat Absorb is the result of an extensive research that has led to the development of this effective and all-natural weight loss solution.

"After extensive research on the available diet pills, fat burners, and other similar diet products, we realized that most of these products contain some kind of non-natural ingredients that can cause temporary or permanent damage to the vital body parts. Fat Absorb has a product that addresses all these concerns and at the same time, gives stable results in double quick time," said the promoters of http://www.FatAbsorbIindia.com [Fat Absorb] on its launch.

According to the promoters, one of the major highlights of Fat Absorb is its all-natural content without any concoction of chemicals or stimulants. The clinical trials of Fat Absorb have not recorded any known side effects.

The key ingredient of this weight loss product is Chitosan, which is a natural fiber derived from 'Chitin', a polysaccharide found in shellfish shells.

Fat Absorb is non-allergenic, i.e., even people with shellfish allergies can safely consume Fat Absorb without any worry because they are allergic to meat, and not the fiber in the shell.

"Chitosan absorbs fats and oils around six to ten times its weight. It combines and binds itself with the fat molecules, and converts them into an unabsorbable form. This process results in consumption and ultimately, passing out of the fat stored in our bodies," added the promoters of http://www.FatAbsorbIindia.com [Fat Absorb].

"We have laid special emphasis on the need to dispense with the lifestyle changes in order to attain healthy weight loss. With Fat Absorb, losing weight is simply sticking to the schedule of taking a couple of capsules 20 minutes before lunch and dinner.

We do not encourage special diets or supplemental fat loss pills or crash dieting," said the promoters of ttp://www.FatAbsorbIndia.com [Fat Absorb]. (ANI)

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