Taliban's NGO ban in Swat condemnable: Activists

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Lahore, Mar 23: Civil society and human rights activists have condemned the Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which has ordered all Non-Government organizations (NGO) working in the Swat area to leave.

The TTP, which said NGOs were just another name for obscenity and vulgarity, had earlier banned district courts in Swat, leaving 500 lawyers unemployed in Swat.

The civil society and human rights activists slammed the Tehreek Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi chief Sufi Muhammad, whose order they claimed proved that the TTP did not want the locals to prosper or be able to voice their needs.

"They blow up girls' schools because they do not support their objective. The same is the case with the NGOs. They're working for the welfare of the people but that isn't in the militants' favour," the Daily Times quoted Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Punjab Vice-Chairman Dr. Mehdi Hasan, as saying.

He also said the Taliban would stop at nothing to make Malakand Division a 'no go' area, and would eliminate anything trying to stop them.

Women's Action Forum (WAF) Convener Nighat Saeed Khan said the militants in the Malakand Division had used Western equipment - cellular phones, rockets, and vehicles - but termed every such technology 'un-Islamic'.

She was shocked that the ANP had supported the 'peace accord' with militants.

"The militants are now even allowing the children to get polio drops. Doesn't that make their intentions clear," she asked.

South Asian Partnership Pakistan (SAP-PK) Executive Director Mohammad Tahseen said a deal with gun-totting terrorists could only encourage them to expend their empire, and the government should arrest such people instead of handing over districts to them.

Some Population Welfare Department activist were very upset that the Taliban was shutting down a family planning center in Dir.


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