Barber finds Christ-like face on church wall

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London, Mar 23 (ANI): A Scot barber has found what he says to be an exact likeness to Jesus Christ's face on a church wall.

Crimper Alan Stocks, 40, had been taking a break between customers outside his shop, when he noticed the image, which had a beard like Jesus and a crown of thorns made from moss growing on the stone.

The wall runs down one side of Greenock Westburn Church in the Inverclyde town.

"I noticed the face on the wall as soon as I saw it - it's incredible. It definitely looks like Jesus," the Sun quoted him as saying.

"I was outside having a wee break and the face caught my eye - I've never noticed it before.

"I usually come to the same place most days for a break

"But it's really strange that it's on a church wall as well especially with it coming up for Easter. It's as if it's just appeared at this time of the year," he stated.

Stocks showed the face to his wife Sharon, 38, who was also struck by the likeness to Jesus, and took a photo to show pals.

"Everyone I've shown the picture to has been the same - they've been stunned to see the face," he said.

"And it's certainly a mystery as to how it has appeared on the wall now," he added.

Greenock Westburn's Minister Rev Douglas Hamilton is yet to see the image, but says that he is happy with it.

"If it brings a smile to people's faces I'm happy with it. Though I'm not expecting flocks of pilgrims down to see it," he said. (ANI)

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