Popular Chai-Moth, the beverage of Mising tribals in Assam

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Mising Gaon (Assam), Mar 20 (ANI): Chai-Moth, a traditional drink of Mising tribes of Assam, brewed with rice and herbal ingredients, remains popular with connoisseurs of beverage for its invigorating aroma.

Chai-Moth is also known as 'Poro Apong' and famous for its medicinal values.

The traditional tea served during festivals and religious ceremonies is a much sought after drink and of late it has gained immense popularity among tourists and other non-Misings.

What makes the drink unique is the way it is prepared.

Pure 'Poro Apong' is brewed after a three-time distillation process through a conventional filter.

Chai-Moth tea is a concoction made from rice, hay, rice husk, certain herbs and traditional medicine ingredients. It is believed to have curative powers and acts as a stress buster as well.

Dharmendra Doley, a Mising tribal (also known as Miri) said that this drink besides having medicinal value is very tasty.

"It is popular in the sense that it is very tasty and it has some medicinal values also. It will be completely cure urinary problems," said Dharmendra Doley, a member of Mising tribal community.

Kolia Pegu, another Mising tribal said that he feels fresh after having this tea.

"After drinking Chai-Moth, there is no body pain. I feel refreshed the entire day," said Pegu.

Various fairs in Assam and elsewhere have given the Mising tribals, a platform to showcase their traditional delicacies of food and beverages.

No wonder, visitors throng their stalls to sample their food, especially to have a sip of the invigorating Chai-Moth.

Although Assam has witnessed tremendous progressive changes over the past couple of decades, equal efforts have been made to preserve the cultural heritage of the region, particularly the tribal ethos.

Chai-Moth of Misings is one of the historical heritage.By Peter Alex Todd (ANI)

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