Newly wedded Dalit boy brings home his bride by chopper in Rajasthan

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Jaipur, March 2 (ANI): Hundreds of people in Jaipur were astonished on Saturday when they witnessed a newly wedded boy of Dalit community, a low caste group of society, bringing along his bride to his home in a chopper!

As the bridegroom Surinder Sawariya, who is in his early twenties, landed near his house in Rundal Village here with his bride, it was quite a draw for a large number of people.

Neighbours had been waiting for hours to watch the special way of bringing one's wife to his house by a Dalit boy for the first time in Rajasthan.

As the couple landed, people cheered for the newly wedded couple. The sounds of cheer doubled up the joy of Suresh Sawariya, the groom's father who was accompanying the couple in the chopper.

"It feels nice that I came like this in the chopper and there is a crowd of people to receive us. It is a prestigious feeling," said Suresh, the proud father.

Neelam, the bride was short of words to express her inner feelings to have received such an out of world experience after getting married.

People in the neighbourhood were proud to watch the whole incident, as it was being performed as part of the marriage ceremony of a downtrodden community for the first time here.

"I am happy that a son of a downtrodden has managed such a thing. I am very happy for him. We are proud of the fact that people like us are progressing," said Acharya, a local resident.

Though individuals hiring choppers for weddings is not a new thing in India, the incident held significance as it happened for the first time in a Dalit family in Rajasthan.

Observers here say that chopper weddings are now becoming a status symbol and a way of organizing ostentatious marriages.

"It's the latest trend catching up with the socially backward people who wish to attempt something like this. They perceive it as a method to make a statement about one's wealth and authority," said the marriage planner, Captain Vibhuti Singh.

The special ride cost the family rupees 260,000!By Lokendra Singh(ANI)

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