Al-Qaeda 'morphing into a monster and growing uglier' due to drone strikes: Pak intelligence

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Islamabad, Feb.25 (ANI): The US led drone attacks inside Pakistan's territory on suspected Al-Qaeda hideouts may have reduced the outfit's international presence, but Pakistani intelligence officials claim that Al-Qaeda is fighting to save its havens by distributing its operatives in small groups.

The officials said that though the missile hits were proving effective as at least 80 Qaeda militants were killed, it is also destabilizing Pakistan.

An assessment by the Pakistani intelligence revealed that Al Qaeda had adapted to these missile hits to its command structure by decentralizing its operations under small but well-organized regional groups within Pakistan and Afghanistan.

According to The New York Times, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) officials feared that the drone hits were transforming into a more dangerous situation with increasing resilience being offered by Al-Qaeda to the allied forces.

The Pakistani officials suggested that Al Qaeda was rebuilding its force with less experienced but more hard-core militants, who are considered more dangerous because they have fewer allegiances to local Pakistani tribes.

"It's morphing into a monster and growing uglier," a top Pakistani intelligence official said. (ANI)

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