FBI uncovers $ 9 million ATM scam

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Washington, Feb 4: Reports suggest that Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have cracked a plan by hackers to launch a global attack on ATM cards involving the theft of a staggering $9 million from bank customers. FBI claims that even the customers' personal information might also have been compromised, they also said that this is one of the most well-coordinated such schemes they have seen.

FBI warned that the alleged hackers are still at large and could strike again. On Nov 8, thieves struck ATMs from 49 different cities including New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Moscow and Montreal within hours. Part of the plot was caught on security camera images obtained by a TV station. It show people whom FBI calls 'cashers' or low level participants in the plot who used fake ATM cards with stolen information at the machines.

The scheme worked as follows: Plotters hacked into a computer system for a company called RBS WorldPay, which allows employers to transfer workers' pay directly to a payroll card.

The scam artists were then able to infiltrate the system and steal personal data needed to make duplicate ATM cards.

"We've seen similar attempts to defraud a bank through ATM machines but not anywhere near the scale we have here," FBI Agent Ross Rice said. "We've never seen one this well coordinated," he added.

The FBI has no suspects and has made no arrests so far.

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