Political brick batting, Talibanisation can lead to fall of democracy in Pak: British MP's

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London, Jan.15 (ANI): Political brick- batting between the two leading parties, and the rising insurgency in the tribal region of the country with Taliban taking hold in newer areas, is a serious threat to Pakistan's democratic set-up, a group of British MP's, who visited the country recently, has reported.

The British MP's said that the condition of Pakistan is very fragile, and it can change for the worse, hinting at a fall of democratic rule.

Talking to media here, Mohammad Sarwar, who led the ruling Labour Party's delegation to Islamabad said that the deteriorating political scenario in Pakistan can lead to another dictatorship.

"The 'forces' that always took advantage of the weak, uncertain or deterioration political situation in the country for their own agenda could once again jump in "if the leading political forces do not work together for the survival and strengthening of the democratic process now in vogue in Pakistan," The News quoted Sarwar , as saying.

The visiting MP's noted many problems which Pakistan is facing, and said that they would do their best to inform the British ministers and other colleagues in the Parliament of the ground realities about the country.

They pointed out that the porous Pak- Afghan border is the biggest threat to the internal security of Pakistan, and to the whole region.

"The facts like 3.5 million Afghan refugees still living in Pakistan and moving freely across the Pak-Afghan border and many of them could be potential terrorists. The frontier regions of Pakistan remain un-policeable despite the best government efforts and would take a long time before returning to peace," the British MP's observed.(ANI)

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