Vice Presidents, forgotten entity in India

By: Ashwini Anish
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Bangalore: Trust me.. Vice Presidents are a forgotten entity in India. Hold a portrait of our Vice President, Hamid Ansari and ask few of your friends to identify the portrait of the person, and you will be surprised to be getting many humorous answers. Majority of the Indians do not know who their Vice President is and what is his role. According to the Constituion of India, Vice-President acts as President in the event of the death, resignation, or removal of the President, until a new President is chosen by the electoral college. The Vice-President may also act temporarily as President during the absence or illness of the President.

In toto, the Vice President in India acts as a substitute player for the President. This is the fate of Vice Presidents in India.

Joe Biden, Vice President of United States, speaking to ABC's 'This Week', said he believes the Vice President's role is to provide "the best, sagest, most accurate, most insightful advice and recommendations he or she can make to a President to help them make some of the very, very important decisions that have to be made."

When Obama talked to him about the Vice Presidential slot, Biden recalled, "I said, 'I don't want to be picked unless you're picking me for my judgment. I don't want to be the guy that goes out and has a specific assignment. ... I want a commitment from you that in every important decision you'll make, every critical decision, economic and political, as well as foreign policy, I'll get to be in the room.'"

Biden said President-elect Obama has kept the promise, having Biden in the room for all of his decisions about who will fill key posts in the administration. Not only Obama, but Americans also seem to be adhering to the promise. One of the PETA blogs has a write up on the United States' Vice President Joe Biden buying a pet from a breeder and not from the shelter. This has upset the Americans. This proves that Americans watch what their Vice President does.

But, in India, do we really bother about Vice Presidents and Presidents? The answer is clear 'no'. Politicians are not bothered about people's problems, then why do you think we would ever care about their dogs?





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