Tibet suffering under Chinese repression: Govt-in-exile

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Dharamshala, Nov 17 (UNI) The Tibetan government-in-exile today said the situation in Tibet was serious and Tibetans had undergone unspeakable sufferings in Tibet since March this year.

A Special Meeting of the executive body of the Tibetan government -in-exile 'Kashag' said, ''Everyone is aware of the various challenges and obstacles before the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) in its effort to find solution to the issue of Tibet.

Under such critical stage, it is inevitable that we must contribute and come together to closely discuss about the views of the Tibetan masses on what future action needs to be taken on Tibet.'' The meeting regretted that during the eighth round of talks in Beijing on 4th and 5th of this month, ''our act of submitting a memorandum about implementation of national regional autonomy provisions for all the Tibetans to enjoy autonomous status in accordance with law for national regional autonomy as enshrined in the constitution of People's Republic of China was considered a 'splittist' act.'' A spokesman of the Kashag said,''At the outset, the Kashag on behalf of all the Tibetans would like to pay our sincere reverence to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and express our gratitude for convening this first Special Meeting, after giving due consideration to number of things.'' He said,'' The reasons why this Special Meeting was called are as follows. Since March this year, in most parts of Tibet, Tibetans, irrespective of whether they were young or old, monks, nuns or lay people, male or female, spontaneously and courageously came together to demonstrate, with full knowledge of imminent dangers to their lives, expressing their anguish and dissatisfaction at the oppressive and brutal ultra-leftist policies of the PRC and to protest the total lack of freedom of speech and thought.

This resentment has been building up for the last sixty years.

However, the peaceful and lawful manner in which the Tibetans demonstrated their long pent-up sentiments were crushed with brute force and merciless killings, torture, detentions and injury. Under such dire circumstances, Tibetans in Tibet pinned all their hopes on fellow Tibetans in the free world.'' He said' It is needless for us to mention that, at such times, we cannot be insensitive to their cries. We must show solidarity with our brethrens and we must do whatever in our means to improve their situation. In this regard, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has made tremendous efforts in this direction, including appealing to important world leaders and the international community, and specifically appealing to Tibetans, Chinese, and Chinese Buddhists'.

The Spokesman said that His Holiness the Dalai Lama has also written directly to President Hu Jintao and has sent his envoys for an informal meeting in Shenzhen on 4 May and for the seventh round of talks in Beijing in July. However it is difficult to conclude if such tremendous efforts by His Holiness have brought any positive results. But the PRC's repression and hardline policies towards Tibet and Tibetans have worsened and there is no sign of positive change.

He said ' We were accused of seeking independence in disguise.

There was no positive response. Now the time has come for all the Tibetans to discuss their concerns and share opinions'.


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