Rahmbo's explosive style may be at odds with Obama's silken grace

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Washington, Nov 8 : New US President-elect Barack Obama's decision to appoint Rahm Israel Emanuel as his chief of staff at the White House is seen in contrast with the atmosphere he (Obama) enforced during his speech at Chicago after he was declared elected in the Nov 4 presidential poll.

Emanuel has a reputation as one of the crudest and most profane politicians on the US' national scene and is known for extreme partisanship. A section of the American media has reported that Emanuel had once briefly served in the Israeli Defence Forces and his father was a member of the Zionist terrorist group Irgun which killed many Palestinians and blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem before the creation of the Jewish state.

Besides, Emanuel is known for having strong ties to Israeli support groups, the Daily Times quoted a section of the US media as saying.

The Washington Post had recently published a letter from one William Samuel saying: "How short-lived was the Obama campaign's promise of a new kind of politics.

One of Senator Barack Obama's first acts as president-elect was to ask Rep of Illinois, chairman of the House, to be his chief of staff.

Emanuel has a reputation as one of the crudest and most profane politicians on the national scene and is known for extreme partisanship. Emanuel could be Obama's Dick Cheney, but if this is a harbinger of how the Obama administration will do business, millions of Americans who voted for Obama are going to be sorely disappointed."

Another report in the same newspaper said, "Emanuel's flair for the well-timed verbal hand grenade - or epithet or insult or, in one case, an actual dead fish - has grown legendary during his 16-year career in politics. His explosive style has fueled a noisy migration up Pennsylvania Avenue, from White House fixer under Bill Clinton a House leadership position on Capitol Hill."

He swears a lot (he used the F word with former British prime minister Tony Blair) and he also "yells a lot, and in his sentences his favourite expletive can serve as subject, verb or adjective when he is facing down either recalcitrant Democrats or Republican opponents. ... To many Democrats, including some who are close to both men, Obama's choice of Emanuel to run the White House seems at odds with the atmosphere Obama enforced at his Chicago campaign headquarters, said reports appearing in American media.

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