'The Devi Shakta Cult' offered before Goddess by Rahi

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Dharamshala, Nov 3 (UNI) Well known novelist, art historian, poet and linguist Omkar Rahi, today offered his latest book on Pahari miniature Painting 'The Devi Shakta Cult' before the Goddess Bajjreshwari at Kangra to seek her blessings.

Later, addressing a press conference in the temple complex, Mr O C Sharma, the Former DGP of Madhya Pradesh who writes under nom de pulme Onkar Rahi, said that the Devi Mahatamya in pictorial detail in the book was a study of Devi Shakti, the supreme feminine deity.

He said that Pahari miniature paintings represented Indian spirit and were inclined towards the transcendental and supernatural.

He said that in the 174-page book were presented 36 hand written pages of Markandeya Puran dated back AD 1574-75 in addition to the paintings of Basohli, Chamba, Guler Kangra, Jammu and Kullu versions from 18th centaury to early 20th centaury. It includes 37 Tantrik paintings as well.

He said that Pahrai paintings of Markandeya Purana sing the Devi mahatamya in line and colour where imagination in refinement of reasoning was reality of our life.

Rahi, born at Kangra, is credited with eight novels in Hindi and one in English and other books. His famous book ' Khajuraho Unknown' was highly acclaimed in the World of Art.

The 'Rasamanjari'and 'The Devi: Shakta Cult' were his valuable contributions to the Pahari Miniature painting.


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