'Borat's Kazakhstan issues diamond clad credit card

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London, November 2 : The world might be feeling the credit crunch but Kazakhstan, made famous by the mockumentary film 'Borat', has offered its super-rich a diamond-inlaid credit card laced with gold.

The 'Diamond', which will have a 0.02 carat gem glistening at its centre, has been created to enhance customer esteem-value in exchange of its annual fee of 1,000 dollars.

The credit cards, that will bear either a picture of a winged horse for male customers or a peacock for their wives, has been specifically designed to fit into automated teller machines and point of sales slots.

On being questioned on the timing of the card's launch in the background of the critical global financial crisis, Alla Voyakina at Kazkommerts bank told Financial Times that it was supremely for well-heeled customers.

"The crisis is also affecting us but we are talking about rich people, they can afford to have such cards. It's a question of prestige to have such cards in your wallet," the Telegraph quoted the head of international payment systems as saying.

The bank intends to issue limited number of its cards, around 1,000 , each having a credit limit of 50,000 dollars.

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