Joe the Plumber is now a successfully selling brand!

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Washington, Oct 31 : "Joe the Plumber" is enjoying the attention he is getting on the campaign trail for Republican presidential nominee John McCain, and says that he don't listen to rumors that he is eyeing a country music career.

"Joe the Plumber" seems to be creating a bona fide brand for himself. But as for the rumor that he's being pursued for a country music record deal, Joe Wurzelbacher says he doesn't know if the American people are quite ready for his crooning.

"I love country music, and I mean it's pretty much what I listen to from sun-up to sundown. But as far as me being a country music star, I don't know. I don't think people are that deaf-tone out there," FOX News quoted him, as saying.

Wurzelbacher has signed with reputable Nashville public relations firm "The Press Office" to handle his media appearances, and there has been chatter that he could be working up a country album for as early as Inauguration Day.

Part of the speculation is rooted in the fact that country music artist and producer Aaron Tippin is one of the three people co-managing him.

"He's no more doing a country music record right now than he's starring on Broadway. He's Joe the Plumber trying to get his message across," The Press Office's Jim Della Croce insisted. "We're not going to entertain anything until after the election."

In this particular window of opportunity, the options seem endless for the Ohio plumber who was launched to stardom earlier this month when he asked Barack Obama a question about his tax policy.

"He's getting hundreds of media requests, literally hundreds," Della Croce said.

Like any successful brand, the plumber has already touched off a variety of knockoffs -- their names always include an occupation, a first name and a definite article, just like the real thing.

GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has alternated Wurzelbacher with Tito the Builder, and she makes reference to Christine the Florist and Jack the Hunter.

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