Loneliness is a luxury: Salman Khan

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Mumbai, Aug 26: Popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan has said for movie stars loneliness is a luxury, precious to them. ''Art is created in loneliness and exhibited in public. Such time gives an artist ample scope for introspection and brutal self-analysis,'' the actor said on his Blog on Monday, Aug 25.

''This is what helps an actor grow as an artist and as a human being. We, movie stars, are usually surrounded by people and have a very heavy schedule,'' he said and added that his father, noted script-writer Salim Khan, had once remarked that loneliness nurtures talent and creativity. Aamir Khan once said an actor's best period is when he has no work.

''Continuous self-analysis is a dream. We have to steal moments of loneliness or should I say being alone to look within. This inward journey is highly rewarding. Our films are made amidst crowds. Even while shooting intimate love scenes, there is a crowd of at least hundred technicians present. Films are also exhibited amidst crowd of thousand spectators. Yet, we have to project emotions, intimacy and passion in a most convincing manner. But the magic of cinema, they say, is created in most difficult tricky conditions,'' Salman added.


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