DMRC-FRNV tie up to inspire commuters to uphold values

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New Delhi, Aug 22 (UNI) With various penalties being levied by the Metro flying squads for commuters indulging in offences like travelling without tokens or on undervalued tokens, indulging in spitting or objectionable behaviour, failing to bring any improvement in the passenger etiquette, the DMRC has aligned with the Foundation for Restoration of National Values (FRNV) to inspire the commuters to uphold values.

Appointed by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) on July 16 to monitor various offences by those travelling by the Delhi Metro and case of a lack of passenger etiquette, the Flying squads, in the last month, found a whopping 4,225 people travelling by the Metro sitting on the coach floor or the coach partition, while a total of 3,169 Metro commuters were found showing lack of ettiquette to ladies and senior citizens.

Also, the flying squads found 1,279 people who lacked in boarding or deboarding ettiquettes, while 30 others were found guilty of spitting on the Metro premises.

Altogether, a total of 17,759 cases of lack of passenger etiquette were brought to light by the DMRC flying squads during their random checking on the Metro trains during the last 30 days.

No wonder, DMRC Managing Director E Sreedharan is again ruling lack of passenger etiquette among the Delhi Metro commuters, something which he also pointed out a few-years-ago in a open letter to the public.

In this context, the DMRC has decided to align with the FRNV to inspire its commuters, and through them the whole nation, to uphold values.

This was announced at a joint press conference here by DMRC CPRO Anuj Dyal and Bharat Waklu of the Foundation for Restoration of National Values.

Addressing the press conference, Mr Anuj Dyal said,'' Dr E Sreedharan, the Managing Director of DMRC firmly believes that all public goods and services can best serve India, when users have a sense of belonging, and national pride towards such facilities, and exhibit behaviour in conformity with this intrinsic value system.

You can build an elevated metro line in three years and an underground Metro line in four years but to use the system properly you need to build good values, which may take a generation and these good values are essential if you want to make any system successful.

These are necessary not only for a good transportation system but also for building a strong nation.'' Mr Dyal said with Metros coming up in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ludhiana, Mumbai and Chandigarh, culture and values will be needed to make them successful.

''While we have appointed the flying squads at various Metro stations to check cases of lack of passenger etiquette and various offences committed by commuters, we believe that punitive measures are not the answer. We also need to inculcate good valued in the commuters if we want to achieve efficiency on the Metro system,'' Mr Dyal said.

Towards achieving this objective, the DMRC launched a 'Value Guide programme', where it will involve some of its commuters and work with them in spreading awareness about values and also restoring these values among its large base of 8 lakhs commuters.

DMRC hopes to accomplish this through mentoring, film clips and announcements.

In this endeavour, FRNV will provide necessary know-how and guidance.

Some of the values which require immediate attention are offering seats to ladies and elderly, courtesy, avoiding speaking loudly, not damaging public property, cleanliness, honesty, among others.

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