Beauty parlours for pet dogs in Chandigarh

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Chandigarh, July 14 : A number of beauty parlours and grooming services are being provided for pet dogs today at dogs' play saloon, an air-conditioned dog home in Chandigarh.

Launched three years ago by Shiv Kaushal, a dog trainer, the parlour provides many services, right from colouring, hair cutting, nail filing, body massaging and tattooing which involves shaving off dog-hair in patterns.

"We provide a total package for clients, and once you drop your dog here there is no need to get worry," said Kaushal.

As dog shows are gaining popularity in the city, the demand for better grooming and training of dogs has increased manifold.

"If the dog is aggressive, we train it according to its nature. There are three types of dogs - friendly, greedy and broad minded, same as of human nature. We can treat them in very easy way according to their temperament," said Shiv Bharti, an owner.

Jagjit Singh, from whom caring for pets is his passion, said, "My dog gets groomed very often. I have hired someone who comes to check his nails, tooth, eyes and ears. Then there is some other person who comes to give my dog a proper nutrition. I think dogs too grow up as any person and they have a soul also. I think there is some attachment and love between owner and his pet that prompts this."

The market for dog care institutions in India has increased between 2000-05 at an average annual rate of 9.6 per cent.

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