Govt to review domestic violence act: Renuka

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New Delhi, Jun 25 (UNI) The government is considering to review the domestic violence act and other laws concerning women in view of the protests by some men's group about its misuse.

Minister of State for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury today faced the ire of men protesting against ''such misuse'' under the banner of the Gender Human Rights Society when she organised a 'Roundtable on building partnership with men for women empowerement and gender equality'.

Ms Chowdhury said the laws were necessary to give direction to people so that they must realise that if they committed violence against women they would receive punishment. Moreover, if there was any violation by some women, these men should take the help of police and court to settle their personal grievances. The people implementing the law, be it in the police or judiciary, were mostly men, so they could not complain any bias against men, she pointed out.

However, the law is a dynamic process based on the requirements of a particular society and the government is considering review of the domestic violence act within one year of its implementation, Ms Chowdhury informed. She said she has asked the states to send the data regarding the domestic violence cases so the implementation status of the law could be assessed.

She said high reporting of domestic violence by women in Rajasthan showed the increasing awareness among women about their rights even in traditional society.

The Minister also said sometime men remain silent spectator and not speak where required and then vent their frustration over women which could not be tolerated. Regarding the complaints of misuse of section 498 of the Dowry Prohibition Act, Ms Chowdhury said it required a detailed analysis why this sections was being used by women and not other laws meant to protect their rights and dignity.

Earlier, a large number of men gathered at the meeting venue and raised slogans to protest against the 'misuse' of these laws.

They wanted revoking of these laws which were ''discriminating against men''. They even pointed out instances where families were harassed and even thrown out of their house by daughter in laws by using these laws.

Asked whether the Ministry considering banning obscene SMS and MMS by enacting law, Ms Chowdhury said the families, community and society as a whole must act against such menace and not look to the government alone for this purpose.


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