Brit couple with black and white twins on track for repeat performance

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London, June 16 : A Brit couple who defied million-to-one odds after having one black twin and one white twin are once again expecting twins.

Dean Durrant, of West Indian origin, and Alison Spooner, a white, were amazed after they found that their daughters Lauren and Hayleigh were born with different coloured skin seven years ago.

Now Alison, 27, is due to give birth in December - and pals are rushing to place bets.

"The chances of it happening again aren't high. But you never know," The Sun quoted Alison, as saying.

"My latest scan showed the babies to be in separate parts of the womb, just like last time," she added.

Dean, 32, added: "I have a funny feeling - lightning could strike twice."

One twin can be born white and one black if two eggs are fertilised by separate sperm.

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