Meet the Brit schoolgirl who eats nothing but chocolate and wotsits!

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London, June 14 : A 12-year-old British schoolgirl has spent her entire life surviving only on chocolate and wotsits.

Rachel Scowcroft from Bolton has been eating nothing except chocolates and wotsits.

It's not that I'm trying to be awkward. But whenever I try new food I get scared," The Sun quoted her as saying.

"I don't like anything that's not crunchy - or anything that's too crunchy," she added.

Her breakfast includes bars of milk chocolate, lunch is a pack of cheesy Wotsits, and she snacks on Fingers choccy biscuits in dinner.

Moreover, when she goes out for dinner with her family, she takes her own food and eats it under the table because she won't try anything new.

Rachel's parents Gill and Dave have now called upon food expert Dr Gillian Harris to beat her phobia.

"She's become even more anxious about trying new food now she's older," said mother Gill.

Dr Harris has now persuaded Rachel to eat toast.

Rachel said: "I'm hoping to try bananas when I've got used to toast because it's a bit more normal.

"Everyone eats them and I'd like to be like everyone else.

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