Maoists warn of Communist Republic in Nepal

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Kathmandu, May 31 (UNI) In what may be a sign of renewed political stalemate in the Himalayan Nation after the declaration of republic on May 28, Maoists Chairman Prachanda has ruled out giving the post of President to either Nepali Congress (NC) or CPN-UML and has warned proclamation of Communist Republic.

''I the NC and UML do not mend their ways, that may invite a communist republic,'' he claimed.

''Those overthrown by the people have been pretending shamelessly to be the winners,'' he said. He accused the NC and UML leaders of acting as champions of republic, federalism and inclusive agendas.

He vented his ire mainly against the NC and the CPN-UML for claiming the top posts.

''We are not ready to offer head of state and other key posts to those who were defeated in the elections. If those overthrown by the people still claim them, we will not accept it,'' Mr Prachanda, said, addressing a 'Republic Victory Mass Meet' organised in the capital by the Maoists yesterday.

He also clarified that his party has reached no agreement with other parties on sharing the posts of Prime Minister and Chair of the Constituent Assembly (CA) either. He said rumours were being circulated that agreement has been reached with the other parties on these posts.

Mr Prachanda claimed that though they had proposed to go for an executive Prime Minister who would also act as head of state, the Maoists were compelled to accept the other parties' proposal for President and Vice President as the issue was delaying implementation of the republic and could have ended up retaining the monarchy.

''Had we not accepted it, implementation of the republic on May 28 would not have been possible,'' he was quoted as saying by Kantipur.

Mr Prachanda, however, said the Maoists were still ready to discuss the issue of who should become President and how to elect someone to the post.

He also said the Maoists still wanted to take the other parties together and draft a new constitution. But he warned that if the other parties continued to hinder the process his party would lead a movement and create a storm.

The Maoist chief also expressed his wrath against the other parties' condition that Maoist arms should be destroyed before they lead the government.

''The seven-point condition put forth by our friends (NC), is an eighth wonder,'' he claimed.

He clearly ruled out any possibility of amending the constitutional provision that requires a two-thirds majority to form and oust the Prime Minister.

''Why then did they choose to put that provision in the interim constitution? It clearly shows that they are hatching a conspiracy against us after the people made us the largest party,'' he claimed.


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