Beauty secrets discovered in parent cells

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London, May 24: Kohl eye pencil, strip wax, wrinkle remedies were Cleopatra's secret of eternal youth in ancient Egypt. In the modern society, scientists are now conducting various studies at the cellular level to ward off old age.

New research contains understanding of the self renewing properties of embryonic stem cells, ''parent cells'' in the early embryo that have the potential to turn into more than 200 specialised cell types, which form the basis of new treatments for a vast range of conditions, from Parkinson's Disease to stroke. The studies might lead to adult cells like skin cells to be turned into an embryonic form so that patients could be treated with their own cells. The recent study published in journal Nature stated the secret of how embryonic stem cells could be made to stay youthful so they do not turn into other types, overturning current understanding and shedding light on the origins of some kinds of cancer.

The team believes the discovery is of fundamental importance to understanding the special properties of embryonic stem cells, and will aid the large scale production of specialised cells, such as brain, heart muscle and insulin producing cells, for future therapeutic use.


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