Parties still at odds over power-sharing in Nepal

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Kathmandu, May 20 : Major political parties have not made any progress toward power-sharing in the formation of new government in Nepal.

According to Kantipur, the Maoists are yet to accept the other parties' proposal for a constitutional amendment that will allow the formation and ouster of a government through simple majority. The Maoist party is also averse to sharing the posts of Prime Minister and President between different parties. "Most of the parties other than the Maoists are in favor of amending the Constitution," said Nepali Congress (NC) leader Dr Minendra Rijal.

The non-Maoist forces have also called for a separate head of state to be appointed at the moment the country is declared a republic.

The Madhesi People's Rights Forum (MPRF) even wanted some emergency powers vested in the president for checks and balance in the future set up.

Communist Party of Nepal-United Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) members in the all-party team formed to settle differences among the parties on crucial political issues have also called for a constitutional amendment and separation of powers between the Prime Minister and the President in Nepal.

Bamdev Gautam, a standing committee member of the UML, accused the Maoists of attempting to bring to an end the existence of other parties.

"They want to terminate the existence of other parties and turn them all into Maoists. They are in a haste to form the government," Gautam said.

"The UML wants to put moral pressure on the Prime Minister to resign and to amend the constitution to erase the provision of two-third and then allow the government led by the Maoists to be formed," Gautam added.


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