Smooth transition of power in Malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim

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Mumbai, May 16 (UNI) Former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim today said Pakatan Rakyat (PR), the newly-formed Malaysian opposition alliance, had enough support from representatives of the ruling Barisan National Party to form and lead a new government.

''I expect that there will be a smooth transition of power by September 16, the Malaysia Day, and the opposition alliance which is falling short of 30 in the 222-member Parliament will come to power with the support many MPs from the ruling coalition,'' he claimed.

With 82 seats in the Parliament, Pakatan Rakyat needs only 30 additional members to gain a simple Parliamentary majority, he said, adding that in the March 8 election, Pakatan Rakyat had secured control of six of Malaysia's 13 states and the Federal Territory encompassing the capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

Mr Ibrahim claimed that his Keadilan party is the only truly multiracial party in Malaysia in addition to being the party that championed the cause of the Indian Diaspora.

''When my coalition comes to power, all the political detenues, whose strength could in hundreds, would be released within 24 hours, though, I agree that there should be tough legislation against terrorism,'' he observed.

Mr Ibrahim said the issue of Indians in Malaysia should not be taken as the issue of Indians but as the issue of Malaysians and added that there has been a huge gap between rich and poor in Malaysia.

''Poverty is an issue that impacts the Malay community and we will never forget the plight of the Malays. But we have been entrusted to show compassion and concern for all Malaysians irrespective of ethnic origin, and we will not betray that trust,'' he added.

Mr Ibrahim said the Indian media's coverage of political developments in Malaysia in recent months was helpful in disseminating news that was not carried by the national press, particularly with respect to the marginalisation of the Indian communities.

The main players of the Malaysian Pakatan Rakyat alliance are the largely Chinese Democratic Action Party (DAP), the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) and Mr Ibrahim's Keadilan Party (PKR).


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