Dungeon dad's prison cell 'cushier' than what he provided his victims

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London, May 12 : He may be in jail, but dungeon dad Josef Fritzl's cell is far more comfortable than the one in which he kept his daughter Elisabeth, and the children he fathered with her, imprisoned for 24-years.

While all he gave his captive daughter and her children was a TV set with selected channels, Fritzl himself gets a TV, radio, bedside lamp and even pot plants.

And while he's jailed in a 10ft high prison cell at St Poelten jail - 60 miles from his home in Amstetten, Austria, - his underground dungeon with its labyrinth of narrow corridors and tiny chambers was so low that one of Elisabeth's boys, Stefan, has developed a permanently stooped gait

The 73-year-old sex beast is also allowed to take an hour a day of fresh air and exercise - which he refused fearing attacks by inmates - something that he didn't provide for his dungeon family.

While he himself has agreed for a private shower, for safety concerns, the privacy in the cellar was so little that the children saw him raping their mother.

He sleeps on bright and clean jail beddings, in close contrast to the dungeon's stinking mattresses.

It has been revealed that prison nutritionists have selected three healthy balanced dishes a day for Fritzl. But his family ate only ready cooked meals with a long sell-by date in order to avoid any suspicions by making constant trips to buy fresh fruit or vegetables.

And if one talks about human contact, Fritzl, after such inhuman handling of his daughter and their kids, still gets to share his cell with a 36-year-old criminal and even requested a visit from wife Rosemarie, 69, last week.

However, Elisabeth had no contact with anyone other than him and the kids she bore because of constant rapes.

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