Dungeon dad made hookers play dead during sex

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London, May 8 : If haunting his own daughter was not enough for sex beast Josef Fritzl, he also terrorized prostitutes by asking them to pretend to be dead before having kinky sex with them.

The 73-year-old electrical engineer was a regular punter at the seedy Villa Ostende, in the Austrian city of Linz, where he enjoyed sado-masochistic romps.

"As soon as he liked a particular girl and ordered a glass of champagne for her, he started acting like a schoolmaster," the Mirror quoted former barman Christoph Flugel, as saying. "He'd shout things such as 'Don't slouch!' or 'Sit up straight!' You don't say stuff like that to girls in a brothel. People go there to enjoy themselves. But upstairs in the bedrooms he was really out of order.

"He was perverted. He wanted extreme sex and pain and told the girls to pretend to be corpses. No girls wanted to go to a room with him. They were disgusted.

"Two of them told me 'Never again with him,' which is very rare in this business," he added.

Apart from his vile demands, Fritzl was also known for being tight-fisted.

Christoph said: "I worked there for six years and Fritzl was a regular. He was well known for being stingy.

"If he had a bill for 97 euros and paid with a 100 euro note, he'd always want the change and never think of tipping you.

Fritzl is being held at St Poelten prison, in lower Austria, as police prepare to charge him for imprisoning sex slave daughter Elisabeth who bore seven of his children.

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