Dungeon dad even terrorized hookers during sex in brothels

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London, May 7 : If raping his daughter wasn't enough, sex beast Josef Fritzl paid hookers to have sex in a brothel's dungeon, it has emerged.

A 36-year-old prostitute has revealed how he tied her up on a makeshift cross in an underground room just like the lair where he imprisoned his secret family.

She said Fritzl punched her while having sex, ordered her to call him "Teacher" and often frightened her by losing his temper and staring at her with ice-cold eyes.

"I was hired by him many times and he was sick beyond imagination," The Sun quoted her, as saying.

"He chose me because he said he liked young, plump girls who were happy to submit to him. I had to call him 'Teacher' and was not allowed to engage in conversation with him.

"He would pay to have sex inside the brothel dungeon, which I hated. It was dark and sinister but his favourite place. To think he was keeping his daughter and her children in a similar place a few kilometres away and abusing them sickens me now," she said. She added: "I once asked him about his family and he told me, 'I have none'. I thought he was a lonely man - now I know he is a beast. He belongs in the very depths of hell."

The hooker, whose identity was not made public, worked at the Villa Ostende brothel in Linz, Austria - 30 miles from 73-year-old Fritzl's home in Amstetten.

Fritzl began going there in 1970, eight years before he started abusing daughter Elisabeth, now 42.

He kept visiting after locking her in the vault under his house, where she stayed for 24 years and had seven children he fathered through raping her.

Villa Ostende's owner, 60-year-old Peter Stolz, said: "He was a strange, stingy character. He liked trips to the dungeon with young girls he had selected personally."

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