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Meet the cousins who love holidaying in war zones and trouble spots!

Written by: Staff

London, May 2 : For most of us, holidays mean relaxing on the sand near the sea but the same does not hold true for Andy Drury and Nigel Green, for their holiday is incomplete without a visit to war zones and some of the world's troubled spots.

Instead of browsing through travel brochures for exotic hot spots, Construction worker Andy, 42, and legal executive Nigel, 45, check out the war zones and trouble spots where the UK's Foreign Office warns people not to go.

During their adventures, they have even risked their lives.

They have been shot by Russian troops while trying to sneak over a border into Chechnya and have been chased by rampaging elephants in Uganda.

Besides that, the pair visited Chernobyl nuclear power station, risking radiation sickness, fled the Taliban in Afghanistan and have been held at gunpoint by the Republican Guard in Iran.

The cousins, from Puttenham, Surrey, have even been divorced after their twice-a-year trips drove their long-suffering wives to distraction.

However, the pair, who reckon they each spend 3,000 pounds a year on their adventures, can't get enough of their adventures and keep going back for more.

"Living on your wits and on the edge every day of your holiday is such a buzz. There is no way we could settle down with a book on a beach," The Sun quoted Andy, as saying.

"In many of the places we go we meet UN peacekeeping troops who are in armoured cars and full battle kit while we stroll around taking pictures in shorts and flip-flops.

"We have eaten insects in Uganda, camel in the Sudan, bear in Trans-Dniester, a breakaway republic from Moldova, and had more goat curries than I care to think about," he added.

Nigel said: "I think most of the government troops or rebels we encounter come to the conclusion we are not undercover soldiers or spies - but are just barking mad."


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