Brits are ruder now than a decade ago

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London, April 28 : Brits are ruder now than a decade ago, with spitting being their most offensive habit, according to a new poll.

The poll of 2,800 people, carried out for ITV1's Tonight programme, showed that most people believe the blight of bad manners is the biggest problem in Britain today.

The study found that swearing was the second most hated habit while queue jumping was third.

Other habits included playing loud music and not giving a seat to a pregnant woman.

"My generation has a lot to answer for. Youth culture in the 60s and early 70s threw out every rulebook and thought it was clever to use four-letter words," The Sun quoted Esther Rantzen, patron of the Campaign for Courtesy, as telling the programme.

"Things should go back - not to the old deference, not to grovelling, not to any of that - but just to feeling respect.

"That would make everyone's life more pleasant," Rantzen added.

Etiquette coach Diana Mather said: "It's part of the breakdown in society. We stopped having respect for figures in authority - partly because those in authority didn't command it."

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