Oz incest father's daughter from second marriage feels traumatized

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Sydney, Apr.8 : The daughter from the second marriage of John Earnest Deaves, the man who has had an incestuous relationship with a daughter from his first marriage, is completely traumatised by the revelation, her mother has said.

Deaves's second wife, Dorothy, said today that their daughter had not known of his relationship until it was aired on television this week.

Deaves and his daughter from his first marriage, Jennifer Anne Deaves, have had two children from their eight-year affair, with one child, a girl, dying a few days after birth from a congenital heart disease.

The couple say they started their relationship after being reunited in 2000, almost 30 years after Deaves separated from Jennifer's mother.

However, Dorothy, who runs a wildlife sanctuary in South Australia, told the Nine Network the two had met at a wedding in Sydney when Jennifer was 15.

"She came and stayed with us for a week the following year and up until 2000 she stayed with us four times. There was full contact all the time."

She said the relationship between father and daughter began in 2000 when Deaves made a business trip to Dubbo Zoo, which had been paid for by Jennifer who met him there.

Dorothy said Deaves returned to Adelaide and told her he had slept with his daughter, whose marriage was breaking up.

"When he got back here, he said: 'I had the best sex I've ever had with her. It was very traumatic. You just don't know what to say. You feel sick. You just don't know which way to turn, it was so heartbreaking, just too much to take in," Dorothy said.

"His youngest daughter [from his second marriage] didn't even know they were together and she is really traumatised - she is hurting terrible," The Herald quoted Dorothy, as saying.

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